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2017 is YOUR Year!

You are the Master Architect of your Life, everything you have experienced in your life thus far is a direct result of your thinking process and your actions (or lack of action)....yes everything... including the Pain. You needed it because there was no other way to teach you!

So Bless the Bastards, the Prostitutes and the Thieves, they have made you wiser and less attached to things and people. The lesson is to continue being Loving but elsewhere with someone else, and continue to be forgiving because Forgiveness is NOT a one-time's a process!

You are not forgiving for them, you are forgiving for You! They are NOT worth a Dog's Breath!! Hating them is a waste of your Time and Energy. Turn these energies instead to the manifestation of a Life you had Dreamed Possible!!!

You and I will do it together!! Cool?

My posts are here to show you that I am like you, no different.

There are no Secrets they have, no exclusive Haven of Motivational Super Stars that they come from, there is just a Realm of Masters from whence you and I came.....and my task on this Planet, before I to remind you of who you are and to walk with you and bring you "home"safely.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS!!! Thank you so much for all your love and support thus far!! For those I have helped and was my pleasure! For those I have disappointed we will discover the reasons why on the other side.

I am truly blessed for having known some of you personally and I am grateful and privileged for your presence in my life!! ❤️❤️❤️

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